A pharmacist registered under the Pharmacy Act -1948 should annually renew his/her registration by the due date to retain his/her name on the Register of Pharmacists maintained by this office of Maharashtra State pharmacy Council (MSPC) .If a pharmacist fails to pay his/her renewal fee by the due date (Before the first day of April of the subsequent year) his/her name is removed from the register of pharmacists under section 34(2) of Pharmacy Act -1948.

MSPC in its 92nd meeting has decided to convert the NRD (Non Refundable Deposit) scheme into Advance Renewal fee in lump sum (ARFL) scheme. Accordingly for all the pharmacists who have participated in the voluntary Non refundable Deposit (NRD) scheme for renewal of pharmacy registration by paying the appropriate amount on or before 1st October 2009, their Non Refundable Deposit with this council is automatically converted into renewal fees for proportionate number of years