1. Application signed by the candidate, addressed to the Registrar, Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council. (E-MAIL/ FAX /SCANNED copy is not allowed)
2. Application should include following details -
a. Name & Address of the applicant (foreign country)
b Registration number of MSPC and renewal status
c. Name & Address in full of the Board to which the letter is to be addressed.
d. Present occupation in foreign country
e. Details about Previous Letters of Goodstanding issued alongwith original/photo copy of that letter.
f. Reason for requesting subsequent Letter of Goodstanding (photocopies of relevant documents
must be attached)
3. Remit Rs.1000/-.(one thousand only)

After submission of required documents and fees, processing will require minimum 15 working days. The candidate will receive a sealed envelope which has to be submitted to the foreign board/council and also receive Copy of letter of Goodstanding which is mandatory to be produced before the council for any future correspondence.