From The President's Desk…..

Maharashtra State Pharmacy council is bestowed the responsibility of regulating the profession of Pharmacy is state of Maharashtra by the State Government. The fundamental role of council is to grant registration to eligible pharmacists with requisite qualification. In due course of time, we are trying to introduce the concept of Online Registration for the Pharmacists. However, going beyond the fundamental role of council to issue new registration & renewal, we have continuously tried to help our pharmacist become competent to face the fierce competition. We are constantly trying to upraise the pharmacy profession through the Councils Drug Information Centre.

Pharmacy practice and community pharmacy concept is taking up its pace in India. The concept of pharmacy profession in India was limited to the industry, unlike across the Globe where, pharmacist is an integral part of the healthcare team. Consequently, the Pharmacist has failed to gain the trust of their patient. 

In this era of consumer awareness with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) stepping in our pharmacist need to reduce the gap between the global role of pharmacist & that practiced in India. This requires both individual as well as team efforts with adequate resources and knowledge sharing.

MSPC's Drug Information Centre has completed a decade in helping the pharmacists who want to help themselves with a series of Continuing Education Programs and number of useful publications along with answering queries received from Healthcare professionals and Patients &/or consumers. It depends on the more than 1,50,000 Pharmacist registered  with Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council to use in practice the services of DIC and contribute to the success of all the activities and new initiatives taken by council. All activities of our profession should bear one thing in mind that the centre point for us should be the PATIENT.

To sum up, you must have heard this story many a times however I would again like to remind you about the two salesmen, they were sent to Africa by a British Shoe manufacturer to identify the potential market.

The first salesman reported back that "There is no potential here - Nobody wears shoes"

The second salesman reported back that "There is Massive potential here - Nobody wears shoes"

This simple story provides one of the best examples of how a single situation may be viewed in a positive or negative way; same is the case with the view of Pharmacists. A slight change in our vision can have a constructive or a destructive effect on the pharmacist himself and also the Pharmacy profession.

As a president of MSPC I assure you that a change in the Pharmacy profession is inevitable in the coming years but what is required is action from the Pharmacists. Last but not the least always remember, Successful people not only know their strengths, they also know their weaknesses and what they need to do with them. Self-awareness will allow you to achieve ANYTHING you desire!  

With Best Wishes,

Mr. Vijay Pandurang Patil,


Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council